Create your personal fundraising page

Host an event in your community or launch an online campaign, it only takes a minute to set up your online donation page. Personalize your page with photos and details and just like that, you are ready to start raising money to support Mary Kay Ash’s legacy of giving.

Spread the go-give spirit and tell everyone you know

Lead by example and make the first donation to your fundraiser in true Mary Kay Ash style, then invite your friends, family, and colleagues to contribute to your page.

Help empower women and become a top fundraiser

After your campaign is over, we will send 97 cents of every dollar to our two-fold missions. Your fundraiser will also be a contender for the Foundation’s annual Top 50 Fundraiser list, to receive a year’s worth of recognition and fun insider tips!

The Mary Kay Ash Foundation has had some excellent fundraisers excel at hosting events in their communities. For inspiration and helpful material on how to begin, please download a fundraising kit below to get started.

If you do not wish to use the personal online donation page, you may download the fundraiser form and start planning your event today!

Host a 5K Run
Host a Fashion Show

Plan a Sports Fundraiser
Organize a Golf Event

Fundraising Form

Download the fundraising form to be eligible for the Top 50 Fundraiser list:

Promotional Flyer

Print the promotional flyer to share with friends and customers to spread the word about our work