Which option should I choose?

Remember! You can always start or join a team after registering as an individual.

Ways to TEAM UP


Invite your friends and family to donate to the Foundation on your behalf

Celebrate a Special Occasion

Honor Someone

Personal Challenge

Support the Mission 

Fundraising Events

Host a fundraising event in your community where the proceeds benefit the Foundation.

Sales and Give-Back Events
Turn your passion into a fundraiser.
• Community Yard Sale
• Bake Sale
• Lemonade Stand
• Craft Sales
• Car Wash
• Local Business Profit Share (i.e., $/% of the business’ sales benefit MKAF)

Athletic Events
Ask friends and family to support you as you challenge yourself.
• Bike-a-thon
• Walk-a-thon

*5k events hosted by TUFW fundraisers are separate from the Foundation’s official MK5K® event that takes place in the fall.

Support a Fundraiser

Still have questions about fundraising for the Foundation?

Reach out to us at [email protected], we can help!