Complete your registration by clicking the button below to create a JustGiving account and set up your personalized fundraising page.

  • Multiple Fundraisers. If you are hosting multiple fundraisers through the year, you can create unique pages for events or standalone fundraisers, like your birthday or breast cancer awareness month. Just click the “START FUNDRAISING” button above to create a new page!
  • Team Fundraisers. You can fundraise on your own or create a team to join forces with other individual fundraisers to raise money for a common goal.
  • Fundraiser Gifts. Donations made through your personalized fundraising page will automatically be credited to your fundraiser. All other gifts must be added as offline donations to your fundraising page. (For gifts sent via mail or third-party, like Facebook/Instagram or the Consultant Order Form, please submit the offline donation form to ensure you receive credit.)


HOST A FUNDRAISER: Invite your friends and family to donate to the Foundation on YOUR behalf.

There’s a lot of ways you can raise money with a fundraiser:

  • Solicit online donations to your personalized fundraising page.
  • Collect check donations from friends & family to submit via mail
  • Add donations to your Consultant Order Form
  • Setup a Facebook or Instagram fundraiser

HOST AN EVENT: Rally your community around a physical fundraising event benefiting the Foundation.

  • Plan, promote and execute an event of your choice and donate at least 50% of the proceeds. You can raise money with ticket sales, silent auctions, sponsorships and more!
  • Partner with local business for profit-share event where a percentage of sales benefit MKAF. (e.g. Kendra Gives Back at Kendra Scott stores)