Your donations support our two-fold mission to raise and distribute funds to end domestic violence and invest in breakthrough cancer research to find cures for women-related cancers. From our donation page, you can make a one-time gift, an ongoing donation, receive a gift that gives back, make an honor or memorial gift and more. The Mary Kay Ash Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

General Donation

Put your money where your heart is and make a one-time gift or a recurring donation to the Foundation to support our two-fold mission.

Honor Gift

We give many personal gifts in life, but the best are those that connect us to each other through our shared values. Honor a friend, relative, mentor, or colleague. Celebrate a special occasion or commemorate an important day with a gift that will make a big difference for women.

Memorial Gift

Honor the memory of someone important to you by supporting women in need. A memorial gift to the Mary Kay Ash Foundation is a personal remembrance that honors the life of a friend or relative.

Corporate Sponsorship Gift

Thank you for choosing to be an official sponsor of a Mary Kay Ash Foundation event. Please use this donation form to submit your funds. Don’t forget to include the event name and sponsorship level as designated on the sponsorship form provided directly to your organization. Your sponsorship of our annual events makes you a shining pillar of hope in our community and helps to support a world where women are healthy, safe, and empowered.

Community Fundraiser Gift

Are you supporting one of our amazing community-hosted fundraisers? Please use this donation form to submit your gift using a credit card. Don’t forget to include the event name and fundraising number so that we may designate your generous gift to the host’s efforts. Gifts to the Mary Kay Ash Foundation help to fund research for cancers affecting women and support programs for those women and children impacted by domestic violence. We appreciate you joining us in our effort to empower women around the world!