Team Up For Women

Team Up For Women is Back! After a short hiatus we are bringing back our Team Up For Women Fundraiser. Team Up For Women is an opportunity to introduce the Mary Kay Ash Foundation­ to your community and help raise funds for Cancer Research and eliminating domestic violence.

We are thrilled to introduce our new peer-to-peer fundraising platform. This tool will enable you to create your own teams for Team Up For Women, create a team fundraising page and track donations as they are made. Click the link below to sign up and you will be prompted to “Become a Fundraiser.” Once your team is created you will be able to personalize your team’s page and share with others. For questions or issues please contact us at [email protected].

Spread the word


Create your own Team Up for Women! donation page
in memorial or tribute to someone you know. We’ll
walk you through each step. Then, you can send the
link to your friends who can donate through the page
you create.
Host a classic bingo night. Get prizes donated, and
sell admission tickets. Churches, schools or
community centers might be willing to donate space.
With dollar store finds, you can create fun Easter
baskets for boys and girls. The Easter bunny never
had it so good! (And busy parents will thank you too!)
It doesn’t really matter if the goods are bought or
baked. Serve them up at a prime location like the
office or school cafeteria, and watch the treats
disappear. Be sure to get permission wherever you
plan to sell.
Set up a neighborhood car wash! You can make it a
flat donation or charge extra for services such as
vacuuming or detailing.
Clean out your closets, attics, garages and
basements. Either hold a garage sale or sell to a resale
shop. Donate the proceeds.

Need Ideas? Download Ways to Team Up here.


Each donation the Mary Kay Ash Foundation can have a big impact, here’s how:

Research dedicated to finding cures for cancers affecting women. We support top medical scientists who are searching for a cure for breast, uterine, cervical and ovarian cancers.

Programs committed to ending domestic violence. We provide grants to women’s shelters and supporting community outreach programs

Learn more about our efforts here.